I'm dreaming of Scandidreaming....

I'm dreaming of Scandidreaming....

Scandidreaming....my love affair with Scandinavia started back when I was 8 years old in 1978 (yes I'm that old) when my family hosted my beautiful Danish exchange student sister Lone, for 4 months - a family connection we continue to this very day.

She opened our minds to a world we had only heard about - the food, the traditions, the culture, and the incredible homeware design.

From that moment on, I began learning about, collecting and loving Scandinavian culture, food and design. When my family and I visited her in Denmark as a 12 year old in 1982, and then travelled onto Norway, Finland and Sweden, my love affair grew and I haven't looked back. 

As a family, we adopted many Danish food and cultural traditions, and this made our family a bit unusual amongst our circle of family and friends. It has been an honour to share these things with family and friends, and my husband has embraced it as his new normal too over the last (coming up to) 12 years that we have been together.

For him, I think it concreted itself when he and I spent Christmas in Denmark in 2017 with my beautiful Danish sister and her family, and he saw and experienced for himself what Scandinavia has to offer.

So, together we created Scandidreaming in 2019, although we didn't really start moving ahead until 2020 - he's more the support rather than the active participant in the business, although, if you buy a Scandidreaming Christmas Tree, he's the one that drills all the holes!

Scandidreaming is about loving, living and dreaming about all things Scandi...including handmade homewares, homewares, scandinavian design and designers, plus lots more.  I've got lots of ideas for the future about products, ideas, travel, recipes and traditions, and as its an evolving process, stay tuned.

I hope you enjoy what the future holds for Scandidreaming!

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