Scandidreaming Signature Candles

Scandidreaming Signature Candles

Scandinavians love their lifestyle, traditions and their concepts of feeling cosy, warm and relaxed on the one hand, and then fresh, invigorated and adventurous on the other, with emphasis on indoors and outdoors. 

Scandidreaming was inspired to make divinely scented candles to acknowledge the concepts, occasions and lifestyles that are important to Scandinavians, and these candles are available throughout the year. 

Each candle is handpoured with soy and coconut wax, with the fragrance matching the mood, tradition or lifestyle of Scandinavia - here's your chance to immerse yourself in Scandinavian life!

Hygge – Danish for cosy warmth

A lovely, warm and sweet fragrance of freshly churned buttercream and dark vanilla bean, mixed with a gorgeous aroma of freshly baked sugar cookies – definitely fills your home with Hygge!

Strøm – Norwegian and Danish for stream

Evoking the freshness of a sparkling Nordic mountain stream, this uplifting fragrance combines with warm spices with citrus to give you a fresh luxury feeling that will enhance your room and invigorate your day – ready for some Strøm?

Fika – Swedish for coffee and bun time

A delicious smell of walking into a bakery that Scandinavian's do nearly every day, where you can smell warm and freshly baked cinnamon buns, drizzled with vanilla icing – get some Fika in your life!

Gluggaveđur – Icelandic for window weather

Some days there’s nothing better than watching the weather outside from the cosy comfort of your window.  This beautiful fragrance gives you that warm inside cosy feeling and combines a subtle smoky sent with citrus, sugar and marshmallows, with some pine and cedar thrown in.  Truly gorgeous – get ready for the Gluggaveđur weather coming up!

Sisu – Finnish for keep going, be resilient and stick with it

Be inspired and feel the determination to bounce back and stick with it with this cool water smell blend of lavender, jasmine, oakmoss, musk, and sandalwood – are you ready to feel Sisu?

Mångata – Swedish for “moonlight trail across the water”

Imagine that you are walking through the forest to the edge of the water and watching the moon rising, shimmering and shining across the water with this deep and balanced musk flower, with fern and orris added to woody base notes.  Immerse yourself in Mångata.

Velvære – Norwegian for well-being that comes from slow living

This beautiful scent evokes a true feeling of wellbeing that comes from slow living…you know that chillaxing feeling that comes from long and relaxing lunches with friends. Combining florals, citrus, vanilla and sandalwood, this divine scent encourages you to feel Velvære.

Lagom – Swedish for just right

When everything is in balance, it encourages the feeling of everything is ‘just right’.  This beautiful scent has the balanced feeling of fresh ocean breeze mixed with fruits, lavender, rose and violet and musk – are you ready for your life to be Lagom?


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