Scandidreaming Christmas Trees

Scandidreaming Christmas Trees

I absolutely love Christmas....the preparations, the decorating and the feeling of the true spirit of Christmas of joy, love and hope. 

I loved the decorating of the tree, but it was a lot of work. We had collected so many delightful and gorgeous Christmas ornaments from our travels over the years, and after spending Christmas in Denmark in 2017, I just loved the use of timber and more natural products in some of the scandi designs.

So, I decided to create a wooden (tree branch) and Scandi-inspired Christmas tree wall-hanging that I only had to decorate once, and it looked perfect every year because after taking it down, it just had to be rolled up and stored in a cupboard ready for next Christmas!!!!

Oh my goodness - the joy, relief and sheer excitement of how fantastic the tree looked (this is the one I made for my Mum last year), and how easy it is to unwrap, put up, enjoy, wrap up and put away, was beyond description.

The time it saved, the space it saved, and it is a chic, modern and elegant addition to any there's heaps of room at the bottom for pressies!

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