Hoppende rein - Leaping Reindeer

Designer: Scandidreaming

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Hoppende rein, pronounced hop-en-e-rein (click on the underlined word to hear how it sounds), is Norwegian for Leaping Reindeer.

This beautiful and delicate laser-cut brushed stainless steel filigree leaping reindeer (11cm x 20cm), is anchored by a single leg, and sits on a polished and waxed stand of White Mahongany (Australian hardwood).

In front of Hoppende rein sits a circular recess to fit a tealight candle, which will then illuminate your Christmas reindeer in true Scandinavian style - get ready for the candlelight to create some sparkle as the brushed stainless steel catches the light.

Handle with extreme care - stainless steel has strength, however the filigree work also makes it delicate.

Totally unique, imagined and created by Scandidreaming in Australia, there is nothing in the world that is like it - enjoy!